Edgar A. Reims


                                    Artist Statement


            When I first began my studies as an art student, I wasn't entirely sure of what my goals may be. I knew that I was inspired by Andrew Wyeth and several other painters, but I had no definite ideas. I wasn't long into my classes at the Art Students League in New York before my true path as a painter became apparent.


             The Art Students League is an excellent place to learn the art of painting, its a place you go to paint. It surprised me how quickly I became enthralled with color, not just color for color sake, but how color existed in nature. To be clear, when I mention color I mean hue and value combined. Anything touched by light has color, even if very dark or very bright. Color with a little form expresses everything in the visual world. When I started getting good resolts from my nature sketches, I knew I was hooked. I have been painting from life ever since.


              Everything in my painting revolves around natural color. I think its the common ground from which a visual person gets involved. I have noticed over the years that those who collect my paintings have a particular appriciation for the natural world. This includes other artists, kayakers, bird watchers etc. I think it is a sensitive appriciation of the light and much varied colors of the outside world. When you know how to look, the beauty of the natural world is incredible! When I run into trouble and lose my way in a particular painting, when I have lost my footing and goal so to speak, I know I can always find the answer in nature.


              So often, the subject matter in my smaller paintings may not seem so very interesting. I am trying to make the little scene perfect, which of course I can not, but I like to think that I come close. This is when I really feel I am creating a work of art. It is a very subtle thing and hard to describe, but I want the little painting to be --- just right. My approach to my larger paintings is different. I generally compose the work in my studio and will haul the work to location in order to work on color. This process goes back and forth. In the Winter my larger paintings are much more dramatic. This has to do mostly with the lower arc of the sun. I love the stark light on buildings and objects. In the warmer months my larger works are more impressionistic. I can't resist the subtle color and reflected light.


               Please feel free to email me at any time. I have images of recent work, large and small, which I can send easily.



Thank You